Drawn to Wonder

New found revelation and passion: Jesus!

My life has been radically transformed with a renewed heart and desire for more of God in my life. I have officially been here for more than 2 months and I feel more in love with the Creator of the universe than I ever have. Having finished my assessing course as well as leadership classes, we have welcomed the students to Brisbane with open arms and have already seen amazing things take place! Let me share God’s faithfulness 🙂

Since the beginning of the DTS, we have been praying for 12 students to come and join this school. PRAISE REPORT #1: Our 11th student just arrived on Monday from Mexico! He is such a blessing and seems to be adjusting very well with the rest of the team 🙂 PRAISE REPORT #2: We just welcomed a wonderful woman who has been living on base with her husband for the past few years. He is currently apart of another school on base so she decided over the weekend to do a DTS as well! Wow. God is faithful and full of provision. Our first weekend as a DTS, we adventured to Lamington National Park to go camping and share our testimonies to get to know each other! But it dumped buckets and God wanted to feed the weeds SO we left after a wet and uncomfortable night to finish sharing our testimonies in Brisbane at our base. Our team is phenomenal and it’s obvious that in each of their lives, God has a purpose, plan, and brought them here for a reason! Wow. Now we are in our second week of lectures learning about Prayer, Intercession, and Hearing the Voice of God. Last week was Character and Nature of God. So good!

All our Pathfinder students while on our testimony weekend in Lamington National Park! A few of us staff stayed behind and made lunch.

All our Pathfinder students while on our testimony weekend in Lamington National Park! A few of us staff stayed behind and made lunch.

Making lunch while camping in Lamington National Park

Making lunch while camping in Lamington National Park

I have been asking God often lately why He has placed me specifically in this suburb, Mitchelton, in Brisbane, Australia. Yet again, though, He has been faithful in imparting His understanding and wisdom on me. I have been getting more and more connected into a local church and have been presented the opportunity to serve them and be apart of their connect groups! Already have made new friends and connections with the women there and so keen to meet more people to learn and grow from! PRAISE REPORT #3: A few friends and I went to a local Christian book store on the weekend and God divinely brought a wonderful woman into my life with a passionate heart for Jesus! God told her to speak with me and we eventually exchanged emails to connect over coffee again! As I asked the question of “Why Mitchelton?”, God was quick to reply.

Adventures with one of my one-on-ones through the waterways of Mitchelton

Adventures with one of my one-on-ones through the waterways of Mitchelton

A few weekends ago, a large group of us YWAM’ers went to hear Todd White speak for a few hours and WOW God was faithful in showing up. As we were in a time of worship, I began praying for a man’s knee. Now, I don’t often pray for healings but God has been teaching me so much about how much authority God has placed over me so I began walking out in it! PRAISE REPORT #4: Once I was done praying, God healed this older man’s knee and he started crying! So amazing. His son obviously told him to test it and, sure enough, he was doing things he couldn’t do in over 5 years! So amazing. They then directed me to this older man’s wife to pray for her lungs and digestion. Not sure what the result of that was but they wanted to keep in touch so they gave me their information! Praise the Lord. So encouraged.

Saw Todd White speak life into so many. God healed many people this night including a wonderful man's knee. Amazing testimony of God's faithfulness!

Saw Todd White speak life into so many. God healed many people this night including a wonderful man’s knee. Amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness!

As the school has started, we have been involved in local community trash picking, listening to lectures about the Character and Nature of God and Prayer, planning times of intercession and worship, spending time in worship, mentoring and guiding our students, interceding everyday for our students and for global affairs, beginning to plan for our outreaches, and everyday logistical work for the school. Everyday day is packed with things to get done. We have also been reading through the bible!

Welcome Lunch to all the new students. I was left in charge of organizing food for 100 people.

Welcome Lunch to all the new students. I was left in charge of organizing food for 100 people.

5 (Missing Emily) of the most influential and amazing people I have known and grown with over the year. We started DTS together and are continuing to staff at YWAM Brisbane until Feb 2016.

5 (Missing Emily) of the most influential and amazing people I have known and grown with over the year. We started DTS together and are continuing to staff at YWAM Brisbane until Feb 2016.

Thank you for taking the time to read this tidbit of my life. Strongly missing that beginning of fall smell in Kelowna but I can’t complain. Still looking for a few more monthly sponsors to get me prepared for outreach in a few months! Email me personally for any questions regarding what I’m doing and how I can pray for you!

Start of Something Beautiful

Blogging. I haven’t had time to update you guys in some time now! I’ll try to blog once a month considering I am about to officially start my commitment and need to manage my time better now…

Let’s start with this: leaving home was one of the worst/hardest experiences I have ever had to make. With this being said, my family situation is at the pinnacle of what seems to be the worst in our lives. Combining this with the fact that I would no longer physically be anywhere close to Canada for the next 2 years, things just became a LOT more difficult saying goodbye to. The gist of the situation is, my family has an unspoken rule of helping/repairing peoples’ lives in which are broken, leaving us, as the women of the family, trying to please everyone as best as possible. Our family was put into a situation where we wanted to assist everyone as best we could with the time and love that we had, but was left with broken hearts, a broken family, and lost hope after my sisters were taken by the children’s ministry.

To explain: During my first season in Brisbane, Australia Aug 2013-Feb 2014 for Discipleship Training School (Beach to Bush DTS), I loved my family so much, sisters and parents alike, that I decided to trust God with them, their safetly, their happiness, and told myself I needed to let go of always wanting to be in control of their lives. Huge decision but it was a burden I could carry no more. So coming home from Australia in February, I had planned to spend an ample amount of my free time investing in my sisters lives, pouring life and love into all my family, and trusting God with the rest. Once I arrived back into Kelowna though, I began working at three different businesses in hopes that I’d be able to earn enough to go back to Australia for 2 years. Full time position as a Front Desk Agent at a hotel, Supervisor at an Ice Cream Parlour, and in a training position at LensCrafters as a Sales Associate. Needless to say, life no longer centered around myself, the Lord, or my family.

Having lost all my free time, I forgot why I even wanted to be back in Kelowna in the first place: to invest into my family. As my decision solidified and prepared to go back to Australia for the next 2 years, I was rudely awaken when I no longer had the access I used to have. Went from seeing them after and before work to only being allowed to see them twice a week for 2 hours at a time. Whooosh. Rug ripped from under my little feet leaving me plummeting to the ground, heart first. The one thing I wanted most to invest and love with all my time and heart stripped from my grasp.

Lead me to the question: Why?

Now, this question didn’t linger too long because God spoke to me quite clearly in regards to this.

“I am in control. I am/will always weep with you. You’re not alone in this. I am still moving. Trust that I will do greater things than you had ever planned or imagined. Wait and see Britt. You are still my princess. Let me deal with this my daughter.”

Having the knowledge, understanding, and full belief that God is good despite my circumstances made my heart soften and my love for Him much deeper. It challenged me though. The question that rattled me most during this season was this, “If everything you ever wanted out of this life was stripped and taken from you, would you still follow me to the ends of the Earth? Would you still trust God and let go?”

With that note, I am now in Australia for 2 years! The goodbye was one of the worst I have ever had to do but I feel free to give my burdens, heartaches, and frustrations to the God of the universe, also being my Father who cares for my heart and well-being. Being back at the Brisbane YWAM base as a new staff member has been refreshing and well needed. I have had time to rest, visit Melbourne for a few days, do exciting and fun things there with my old time friend Andrea, and discovering a new way I find peace; drawing! Weird I know.. Who knows, maybe the next mini hobby with be kangaroo kick-boxing. Anythings’ possible down unda.


I start a Training Assistance Course on Sunday for the next 2 weeks then I begin my Basic Leadership training for 3 weeks right after that. THEN I begin mentoring/staffing a Discipleship Training School called Pathfinders here in Brisbane! This school will go on for 6 months, 3 months for lectures, learning about the Lord and ourselves, then 3 months of volunteer/missionary work within Australia as well as overseas, applying what we learned in lectures to our everyday lives. Our school specifically focused on helping students discover what their gifts are and how they can apply them towards everyday living. Signifying this journey, we will be taking the students to different location to backpack on famous backpacking trails, signifying them finding their path and calling in life as well as doing volunteer missions work along the way.


Still looking for about $160/month from monthly supporters while I am on this journey for the next 20 months. If you would like to partner with me in this vision of going throughout the nation and making disciples, please contact me! This will cover my outreach fees but I need to save every month or else I gotta ask God for some cash from His wallet!


Anyways, if you have read this blog, you and I should be keeping in touch while I am here in Australia. Please, if you haven’t already, leave me with your email address, add me on Facebook, do whatever you have to do. But my biggest request is that you pray for me, pray for my vision, and pray for my family and heart as this is not the easiest of seasons. Need strength and perseverance. And the faith to trust God’s plan is better than my own.

Keep in touch! And if not, He is still good.


"You will never influence the world by trying to be like it" - Unknown

“You will never influence the world by trying to be like it” – Unknown

An update is long over due.

In the past 3 months, marriage has taken place, ones I love have been torn from my grip, made the ultimate decision to go back to Australia for 2 years, acquired three jobs, cried tears of joy, tears of mourning, met and made amazing friends, stabbed my eye with a cardboard box, received an abundance of love and support from the ones I love, and seen God’s faithfulness come through after 6 years of consistent prayer. How did all this come to pass? By the grace of God, I’m not sure. BUT I feel more blessed than I ever have before.

Since being home from Australia, life has been everything but easy. It has been challenging, unexpected, tiring, fruitful, scary, unknown, exhilarating, and, best yet, fun! I came home to many stressors and questions, opportunities and discouragements. “So, are you going to school now that you’re back from vacation?”, “How were your holidays?”, “Is it almost time to settle down?”, “Where will you ever find the money to go back to Australia?”…. Trying to answer as best I could to people whose priorities has been set a little differently than mine has, people that seek to find comfort, stability, and consistency in life. I, on the other hand, might be crazy in saying that my dream in life is the complete opposite. Would you look at me differently if I told you I don’t want to go to school for 4-7 years to make the money to sell my soul to a lifetime of mortgage, payments, coasting, and settling for the average life? I’m not ready for that yet! My time for living the American Dream might come soon, but for now, I want to live a life full of surprises, hardships, service, and adventure. This is the perfect time for me to do this.

Why am I going to Australia for 2 years?

I asked myself this question often since I have returned home from Australia. I wondered if now was the time for me to start settling, going to university, get a boyfriend, get my own apartment, and go further and commit to a wonderful job I had been presented. This is exactly what I wanted since the beginning, right? Well, as I began to break it down, I looked at both sides equally for so long, that the job I was being offered to work towards involved an atmosphere and responsibility of helping people and planting/building clinics to improve peoples’ eye sight around the world. I’d be dedicating my time to serving people while getting paid for it. Perfect! The other side, I’d be living in Australia for 2 years, going to other foreign countries to preach the gospel, wash the feet of God’s children, grow in relationships with strangers, pray for the sick/broken, show God’s heart to people through my actions, and expect nothing in return except more intimacy with God. Ultimately, I could settle for the life this world can offer me, or I can settle for the life full of mystery, unknown beauty, unexpected adventures, a diverse collection of new friends, and an eternal promise of never ending love under my belt. As I was processing, the thought of my life came into play. “What if I died tomorrow. Would I say I gave life my best go and glorified God while doing so? Did I live each day looking to better the world and myself? Or did I coast and settle for average life..” It has taken me quite a long time to realize, understand, then act on my priorities. God has called my into royalty, an heir in His Kingdom, a daughter to the living and victorious King! I can’t stand to think of selling myself short when God has called me to the nations, making disciples of people who don’t know their identity yet!

So yes, after months of contemplation, my decision has become final 😀 Like I said before, this decision has not been easy, agreeing to be apart from my parents, sisters, family, and dear friends, and it won’t be easy to afford, but I will be following my life long dream of traveling as well as serving the God I love, walking in the footsteps of Jesus, becoming more relational, and learning first hand through experience what it truly looks like to be a leader and mentor to every age.

In my absence from the land of hosers and maple syrup, I will participate in staffing two different Discipleship Training Schools (DTS), as well as a few months of serving at the base in Brisbane. Each DTS will be organized as follows: 3 months lectures, training, classes then 3 months outreach. Now outreach will not only be within Australia, serving beach and outback towns, but also flying overseas to places such as India, Peru, South Pacific Islands, Malaysia, Indonesia, to serve in whatever ways needed. This includes running church services, youth groups, home visits/prayers, community service, yard work, kids ministries, visiting orphanages, street evangelism, etc. Each DTS will be 6 months long. I, as a staff member, will be mentoring 2-3 students over the course of each DTS, helping them discover their gifts and talents, as well as walk with them into understanding their future path in this society. My goal, as a leader, friend, and mentor, is to see my students grow into strong, bold children of God, willing to commit their lives to furthering the kingdom.

So because I am off to Australia for 22 months, I have been working every day, stripped between 2 jobs, family frenzies, and catching up with friends, old and new, trying to invest my time into the people I care about while I can physically. Also been fundraising, looking for supporters to walk with me in this journey, who have the same vision for this world and hope to see changes in the multitudes that will affect nations. If you want to partner with me in this journey, this vision that I have of seeing the world changed, and becoming a better leader in the process, please seek the Lord in supporting me, whether that is through prayer or finances.

I also love coffee. Because you have taken this time to read this, I would love to take you to coffee (if you live in Kelowna) and talk further about this new season in life.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consideration. To donate to me, go to the link I have included.


“Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9



Simplicity of Today

7:30 – Snooze button

8:30 – Snooze button

8:35 – Shower and  brush teeth

Keepin' it clean

8:55 – Make up for days ALL over my face

9:23 – Leave for work

9:29 – Show up to work 10 secs before Adam shoots an elastic band at my face

9:30 – Adam continues to shoot elastics at my face while I apply body butter all over to make the pain bearable

1:30 – Pretend while I’m reading a book at McDonald’s while I’m actually only people watching the unique nature of Rutlanders

2:00 – Adam continues to shoot elastics at my face while I apply body butter all over to make the pain bearable


Sexiest man alive

6:15 – Work the ice-cream, make waffle cones like sushi tae-kwo-do instructor, and collect coins you muggles refer to as “dollars tips”

11:00 – Pce the scene and crawl into the pathetic foam on the floor I call my bed


Hope your day will be just as fun as mine will be tomorrow! Working indoors from 9:30am-11:00pm on a gorgeous 30 C day(86 F for the Americas)

Outside my work

Summer Time Listens

Yes…. This will be alphabetical.

Mission Bells – ARMISTICE

Here Comes the Sun – BEATLES

Elephant Gun – BEIRUT


The One Who Loves You The Most – BRETT DENNEN


Barton Hollow – THE CIVIL WARS


Midnight Battle – COLBIE CAILLAT

Hang Me Up To Dry – COLD WAR KIDS


Roll That Barrel Out – DEAN BRODY



Sunburn – ED SHEERAN


We Are The People – EMPIRE OF THE SUN




*Rivers and Roads – THE HEAD AND THE HEART*

Are You Gonna Be My Girl – JET

Nowhere With You – JOEL PLASKETT

Bold As Love – JOHN MAYER


Rejoice and Lament – JOSH GARRELS






She’s Got You High – MUMM-RA



Sympathetic Vibrations – THE PAPER RAINCOAT


George The Polar Bear – PAT LEPOIDEVIN

Puff The Magic Dragon – PETER, PAUL, AND MARY

1901 – PHOENIX

Wildcat – RATATAT

Girls And Boys In Love – THE RUMBLE STRIPS


Clap Your Hands – SIA


Beautiful Day – U2

We Like To Party – VENGABOYS

California – WAVE

Well… That’s that.. Its now 12:26 and I have to wake up early in the am.. thrifting for days! Hope this playlist completes your daily desires. Or heart. Or whatever. We like to party right? K night..

Beginning of a New Adventure

Beginning of a New Adventure

SO! I will be partaking in a new activity as of AUGUST 21 called YWAM! The only reason I am CAPITALIZING things sporadically is because I am SO EXCITED! It has been so neat along the way seeing little things work out in my favour that God has planned so precisely i order for me to go on this journey to meet new people, become intimate with Him, and get work done in another country! AHH

I don’t know you. I don’t know your knowledge of YWAM. If I do know you and you DO have knowledge of YWAM, forgive for reading this paragraph will be a waste of your valuable time. YWAM is short for Youth With A Mission. What happens is, for 6 months, you are in 2 different countries doing 2 completely different things. 1st 3 months: LEARNING! This stage is called the DTS (Discipleship Training School)! Here they teach us ample amounts of information so that we can be smart and wise in the Lord (in which I am lacking) 2nd 3 months: OUTREACH! We then take this ample amount of knowledge and USE it in a country who needs to feel the love the Lord has shown me 🙂 This country is undetermined….. Woah.

This is about to get rowdy.

In order for me to achieve this goal ad get to Australia, I need all the prayer and support I can get! God is the only one that will get me there in his will so all I need is prayer that His will will be done and that I am willing 🙂

Also keep me in your prayers for finances to be available! Working 2 jobs 7 days a week is great BUT exhausting! This adventure will be a pricey one but it WILL be worth it 🙂 

If you are in KTown, PLEASE come to my fundraisa! Bottle drive, Bake sale, AND Garage Sale! AHHHH so much excitement. 


As I am contemplating what to write my first post about, I’d like to explain a little something something. As I get into this blog, I’ll have you know, I don’t control the words my fingers are typing at this moment. Everything that you will be reading on this “site” will be my brain expressing it’s deepest thoughts without being crude or inappropriate. I’m not that kind of diva. I’m a gypsy. Planning to be venturing out to the land of good looking accents and hypnotizing people (if you don’t know, I’m speaking of kangaroo island AKA Australia!) 

Australia and how that came about is ANOTHER story. God is powerful and has done some cool miracles the past week… I’ll save that for l8ter sk8ter. 

So much to write I don’t know where to begin! Actually I do. My mom gave birth to me. Now I’m here. 19 and loving the Lord. Taking this path has been difficult and many have not understood but I’m on earth to love all God’s children, so if you don’t understand my passion to serve the Lord with my life, I’m going to have to pull your toenails off. Or clip them. Take away from that what you will.

Now I’m making this thing to tell YOU (the creeper creepin this creepy creep), what I am doing, where I am going, how I’m going to get there, and who I have supporting me. 🙂 If you continue to read and see your name, you are special to me! I will address people by their first names only because who knows what kind of crazy internet hooligans are on here wanting to stalk ma peeps.

This is my first post. As I continue to prosper in the technological world, you will notice I become more intentional over time. For now, nobody is reading this therefore, I’m going to smell my armpits and pluck my leg hairs due to my boredom. 


PS how funny is this. Shout to Chalise for making my boring evening.

Hasta la vista bebe.